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The art toy was born just 20 years ago, but it has developed rapidly in China in recent years. The art toy breaks the stereotype of “toy is for the children” and it combines different elements such as art, design, lifestyle painting and sculpture into a small toy. With their unique artistic style and attitude towards life, these characters of toys make people fall in love with them at the first sight and then become crazy – thus becoming the hottest lifestyle culture for the moment.

In the countries and places like the United States, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, they have their own annual exhibitions of toys, and it’s really a feast for the eye. However, as the fastest growing region for the development of the toys, mainland China don’t have a professional toy exhibition. In order to fill this gap, POP MART held the first “Beijing Toy Show”(BTS) in September 2017, which became a huge success, and the “Shanghai Toy Show”(STS) held in April 2018 has completely shocked the world.

Through BTS and STS, we hope to let more foreign toy brands pay attention to the Chinese market, and hope that more Chinese outstanding designers can be understood and loved by fans of global fashion toys, and boost the vigorous development of Chinese toy culture.


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